Date: September 2023

DeltaSoft, Inc., a prominent provider of scientific informatics solutions, proudly announces the launch of its newly redesigned website. This revamped online platform boasts several significant enhancements, including updated product information, tighter integration with our online media presence, and a more user-friendly interface. DeltaSoft remains committed to offering cutting-edge solutions to the scientific community.

DeltaSoft’s flagship product, ChemCart, empowers scientists with the capability to create custom applications using drag-and-drop technology or seamlessly utilize our pre-configured applications. These applications include the Electronic Notebook (ELN), Reagent Inventory system with seamless integration into Biovia’s ACD database, Compound Registration system, Sample Tracking application, Structure Activity Browser, and the latest addition to our toolkit, the CRO Collaboration system. Our new website also highlights DeltaSoft’s bundled solution, “Discovery in a Box,” a cloud-based product designed to cater to the needs of smaller companies and startups, enabling them to efficiently capture data from day one.

With the launch of our revamped website, DeltaSoft aims to provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of our product line directly on the main page. Additionally, users can access detailed information about any product of interest, quickly navigate to their desired product, explore its capabilities, and view real-world examples of its deployment. A convenient “Request a Demo” button is located adjacent to each product for easy access. Notably, all DeltaSoft products are available on the cloud, allowing customers to focus on scientific endeavors while DeltaSoft provides the essential infrastructure support. Demos and product evaluations for any DeltaSoft product are readily accessible on the cloud.

DeltaSoft products are designed with flexibility in mind, enabling seamless integration with various third-party solutions. Our new website offers visitors a glimpse into the extensive array of third-party products that integrate harmoniously with our offerings. Interested parties can effortlessly request demos and additional information, not only for DeltaSoft products but also for partner products such as Dassault’s Biovia Pipeline Pilot, Tibco’s Spotfire, and ChemAxon’s diverse chemical calculators. DeltaSoft ensures that total solutions are available for all a scientist’s cheminformatics needs, regardless of their source. We provide comprehensive support, including demos, licensing, and product support for both DeltaSoft and partner products, ensuring our customers have a single point of contact for all their support needs.

Michael Dippolito, President & Founder of DeltaSoft, expressed his enthusiasm for the website launch, stating, “We are incredibly excited to unveil our new website. Our dedicated team has worked diligently to showcase our product innovations and support capabilities. Our commitment to delivering the best possible technological experience for our customers extends beyond our ChemCart product. We wanted the same seamless experience for visitors to our website, providing easy access to detailed information for each of our products and services and facilitating direct communication with our team.”

Discover the future of scientific informatics solutions at our revamped website:

About DeltaSoft Inc. – DeltaSoft believes in facilitating decision making by streamlining operations for research institutions of all sizes while prioritizing data integrity, security, and time efficiency. Our next generation software was designed to adapt entirely to each customer’s business workflows, allowing businesses to customize our products to meet their unique needs. Without programming skills, our customers can modify existing applications or instantly create new ones to solve any business challenge. With a strong knowledge of informatics direction and a focus on improving business workflows, our software provides customers the flexibility needed to successfully optimize knowledge management, implement corporate standards, reduce informatics costs, and increase staff collaboration.