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Real-time Analysis

The ChemCart Browser allows you to integrate data from your ELN, Compound, Registration, Screening Management tool, etc. for a comprehensive view that allows for immediate structure-activity analysis.

Break down silos and collaborate efficiently by providing your teams access to all datasets. Whether you need to access data from multiple vendor solutions, or from another lab application, our tool makes it easy to pull together data from any data source for your teams to quickly access.

Improved Decision Making

Our system allows you to view one compound at a time or multiple compounds at a time to easily compare and contrast. Enabling trend and pattern identification that lead to deeper insight and better decision making.

Because you are able to view all chemistry and biology information on a single interface, our browser allows your scientists to identify promising drug candidates in the most efficient way!

Choose Any Of Our Partner Tools

Leverage your existing company standards and mix and match the best in class drawing tools and chemistry cartridges. Every scientist has the ability to choose their favorite tools – we partner with all the leading vendors.

Discover the power of the ChemCart browser for yourself!

What we offer

Transform your day with our cutting-edge software products. Discover a new world of efficiency and precision.


  • Pre-defined, configurable, or make your own templates
  • Link data from multiple key lab applications
  • Query by form functionality – chemical structures, data, reactions, documents, files, and images.
  • Spotfire integration for advanced data visualization
  • Create, manage, share, and reuse search result criteria by creating lists
  • Manipulate Data with Pivots
  • Save and share form, lists, queries, search strategy history, and reports within a team
  • Generate custom reports
  • Export all data easily with audit trails
  • Integrates with all industry standard Chemistry Cartridges and Drawing Tools
  • Easily modify Oracle Tables and Views
  • Full access to all data whether stored locally or in the cloud


  • Labs using multiple software applications for R&D, viewing all data within a single platform
  • Management has a bird’s eye view of all lab data and productivity.
  • Labs collaborate instantly with internal teams
  • Labs rapidly find information scattered across multiple applications
  • Researchers are able to quickly generate weekly reports to facilitate requests of secondary assays
  • A large pharmaceutical company summarizes data results across platforms using the same interface
  • Biologists are able to configure charts for curve fitting.
  • Multi-disciplinary teams using Pipeline Pilot or Knime workflows directly from a Browser interface.
  • Formulation team at a biotech company can access automated PK reports