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Streamlined Experiment Management

Our ELN is designed to capture, search, share, and analyze all experiment data within a single customizable template. Use our predefined templates, customize them, or create your own free form templates.

Say goodbye to disorganized paper notebooks and embrace the power of digital notebooks that improve lab efficiency and revolutionize research outcomes.

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Seamless Data Transfer

Export or import data, easily and securely at the click of a button. ChemCart gives you full access to all database fields so that you can extract data/experiments in bulk. Your data will always be YOUR data.

Once an experiment is complete and locked, generate your lab reports securely from a click of a button, providing the ability to electronically sign and witness.

Scientist Management and Enhanced Searching Capabilities

Easily manage all scientists, assign notebooks, and auto-populate fields for faster data input using our administrative tools.

With our advanced searching capabilities, you can search not only structures, reactions, and other experiment data but also important information within documents. Efficiently search within your own notebook, or across all corporate notebooks.

Experiment Tracking

Our ELN breaks down all experiment information so that it is easily retrieved, calculated, and analyzed. The system automatically calculates reaction stoichiometry for reactants and products - mass, volume, theoretical yield, % yield, and more with our customizable tool.

Easily duplicate experiments, save common protocols and reagents, and auto-generate fields to increase time efficiency. ChemCart allows you to save and reuse all common experimental data.

Compound Registration Integration

Register your compounds in-real time, without ever having to leave our ELN. From a click of button, generate a CORPID, and submit a compound to your corporate repository.

Experience the difference for yourself!

What we offer

Transform your day with our cutting-edge software products. Discover a new world of efficiency and precision.


  • Support for department specific notebook templates
  • Standardize all experiment related information
  • Easily duplicate notebook pages
  • Create free-form notebook pages and other templates
  • Drag and Drop file/image capability
  • Search within your own or all corporate notebooks
  • Lock completed notebook entries
  • Audit any changes to locked experiments
  • Report generation
  • Sign & Witness electronically
  • Integration with Compound Registration and other lab applications


  • Large pharma with multiple departments and multiple templates for each department
  • Biotechs replacing paper notebooks with digital – all data imported.
  • Small labs tracking all experiments on cloud instead of using spreadsheets
  • Labs working with collaborators providing synthesis
  • Lab managers able to reduce the time it takes to report on lab activity.