Sharing Discoveries - Securely

Unified Global Collaboration

Regardless of where in the world your team or CRO partners are located, you can work seamlessly in real time. Our cloud hosted applications provide access to all teams anywhere in the world.

Controlled Data Access

To make your collaboration process more efficient and secure, our application allows you to enforce business rules with defined templates for your collaborators to use that restrict views of data depending on roles.

Comprehensive Experiment Capture

We understand the value of having all of your teams on the same page, so we make it easy for you to easily add experimental details, including structures, data, images, and documents that pertain to your synthesis request.

Progress Tracking

Easily create, track, and browse all synthesis progress within the system. From a click of a button the system allows you to view all progress pertaining to your requests.


What we offer

Transform your day with our cutting-edge software products. Discover a new world of efficiency and precision.


  • Enforce business rules with specific templates for collaborators to use
  • Request custom synthesis
  • Status tracking
  • Experimental data sharing – structures, data, images, and documents
  • Drag and drop documents and images
  • Tracking of entire synthesis process
  • Synthesis and progress reports
  • Link to registration and sample inventory tracking


  • Cloud access eliminates CRO’s emailing proprietary information
  • Biotech working with multiple CROs send synthesis and assay requests via application to centralize communication
  • CRO company reviews requests and assigns appropriate resources allowing them to keep track of internal progress
  • Biotech virtual team tracks CRO progress allowing them to plan next steps
  • CROs enter their results directly into customer corporate repository so that proprietary data remains secure.