Register, search and discover compounds

Increase Productivity with Company Specific Standards

Say goodbye to errors and inconsistencies and hello to increased productivity and improved data quality. Our registration system was designed to check for duplicate structures, have access to easy to fill or auto-filled templates, and control vocabulary via picklists.

Because we understand that every company is unique, our system can be customized to meet company-specific research needs.We deliver all of the tools necessary to customize your own interfaces, workflows, data fields and even configure your unique Corporate ID’s.

Centralized Management

From a single interface, you can capture, track, manage, and quickly analyze your compounds that are stored in a centralized location, reducing duplicate compounds and improving quality control efforts.

Secure Importing + Exporting and Asset Protection

Import or export your data securely on your terms. With Compound Registration’s powerful mapping tool to import data and a powerful data exporting tool, you do the work once, save, and reuse with a click of a button.

Preserve & protect your research assets. We ensure your data is secure and protected at all times, through industry strength Oracle back-end technology.

Global Collaboration

Because the value of collaboration is priceless, we enable your team to discover sharing of information in ways they never have done before.
With cloud hosting, ChemCart provides your team members or CROs across the globe, project or team specific templates, with limited access to data. They enter information and you instantly access it.

What we offer

Transform your day with our cutting-edge software products. Discover a new world of efficiency and precision.


  • Duplicate Checking
  • Registration of new compounds or batch of an existing one.
  • Unique/flexible corporate IDs
  • Fully customizable
  • Automatic chemical name generation
  • Automatic property calculations
  • Powerful bulk loading capabilities
  • Structure validation and standardization
  • Configurable back end workflows
  • Integrates with all industry standard Chemistry Cartridges and Drawing Tools


  • Large chemical company with multiple departments has created separate templates for each lab that fits their process workflow
  • Small lab incorporates ACD into building their corporate repository
  • Academic lab improves productivity with an electronic tool.
  • Large pharma company defines company standards and registers complex structures after company merger
  • Small lab can now register compounds directly from their ELN