Capturing Assay Results

Automated Productivity Boost

Imagine being able to maximize productivity by automating your screening data workflows. ChemCart BioAssay allows you to easily bulk import data so that you spend less time entering information and more time analyzing your data.

With our time-saving data-upload feature, you can easily copy/paste from Excel, batch load, or enter assay results directly into our configurable templates.

Organized Assay Control

Because the accuracy of data is crucial for any research project, our system is designed to minimize errors by controlling vocabulary and organizing your assays into projects. With our admin application, you have the ability to set picklists, and control all of the projects and assays you are currently working on.

Efficient Team Sharing

There is a great challenge that comes with managing data from multiple scientists working on different projects and that’s why we offer one centralized repository for your team to upload and share their results. You’ll always have full control over all data, while ensuring visibility and accessibility of data to all team members.

Enhanced Research Insights

ChemCart BioAssay was designed to allow scientists to quickly upload and analyze assay data using integrated partner tools, such as Spotfire and Biovia’s Pipeline Pilot.

What we offer

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  • Links with Chemical Registration for existing compound verification
  • Admin application allows you to manage projects, assays, protocols, and versions.
  • Linked picklist functionality
  • Organize by projects
  • Copy/paste test results from Excel
  • Drag and Drop original files such as protocol documents, instrumental datafiles, and images
  • Create user templates for test results, structures, and reports
  • Store and display plot images


  • Labs associating test results to registered samples
  • Biologists storing raw data from all their assay runs
  • Scientists are now able to view chemistry and biology information together
  • Biologists integrate discovery data with PK data to make informed decisions
  • Biology team views standardized assay data to create meaningful reports
  • Small molecule biotech bulk loads test results from Excel without the use of IT personnel