Date: May 2023

DeltaSoft, Inc. a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions, and Dassault Systemes, a global leader in 3D design and collaborative software, are excited to announce their strategic partnership through the BIOVIA brand a tremendous player in the scientific community. 

Providing immense benefits to all life science professionals, the relationship expands the existing integration of DeltaSoft’ s ChemCart applications and BIOVIA’s cutting-edge products including, the Direct Cartridge, Biovia Draw and ACD. Now, DeltaSoft will also work as a reseller of all the Biovia product lines, including Pipeline Pilot.  The integration between the two companies empowers scientists with a best in breed approach, allowing organizations to leverage their informatics tools of choice.   DeltaSoft’s products will now be integrated with more of Biovia’s products, affording customers the ability to go to one vendor for all their discovery needs.  Along with the direct integration between the two products, DeltaSoft will resell BIOVIA’s discovery research suite of products and provide services to BIOVIA Solution users.  DeltaSoft will also be providing it’s best in class support to Biovia Customers – one call to DeltaSoft provides support for both product lines. 

DeltaSoft is especially excited to bring not only technology advancements to their current and future customers but also an extended support network via the partnership.

“We are pleased to announce this key partnership between DeltaSoft’s ChemCart product line and Dassault Systemes BIOVIA brand” said Michael Dippolito, President at DeltaSoft, Inc. “This partnership represents a significant milestone for our clients and all scientists. Together, we aim to provide seamless integrations and a one-stop-shop for all informatics needs, that will accelerate scientific breakthroughs.”

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