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products overview

Let DeltaSoft’s suite of ChemCart products deliver just-in-time functionality to your discovery research workflows.  These products can be used as a complete ‘starter kit’ to your informatics system, or as point solutions within your existing architecture.  It’s up to you!

ChemCart and its ‘layered’ applications (ChemCart Registration, ChemCart BioAssay, ChemCart ELN, ChemCart Reagent Inventory, ChemCart Sample Inventory) utilize a web-based configurable forms interface for searching, browsing, and updating databases.  From any ChemCart application, users have access to structures/reactions, data, images, documents & files stored in the corporate repository.  ChemCart provides a dashboard view into your research databases. Our customers are utilizing this integration platform and reaping the benefits in numerous areas:

  • Looking for ability to register chemical compounds (batches, samples) to the corporate repository?  ChemCart Registration
  • Want to track your valuable corporate samples? ChemCart Sample Inventory
  • Need to associate test results to your corporate compounds? ChemCart BioAssay
  • Want to track your chemical reagent bottles from ‘cradle to grave’? ChemCart Reagent Inventory
  • Need to store and manage information related to performing scientific experiments? ChemCart ELN
  • Looking for a robust, integration tool for rapid application development? ChemCart
  • Don’t know how to define your needs or where to start? Check out our Services

Years of first-hand informatics problem solving led DeltaSoft to develop this suite of products aimed at addressing the most difficult data-related issues facing research:  integration of disparate datasources, stored on disparate platforms, with disparate application requirements from a disparate user community!  These are just a few of the return on investments realized at all levels in an organization when a ChemCart application is implemented:

  • Functionality and user experience consistent throughout the product line; decreases training time and ease-of-use issues.
  • Web-based products without desktop installation; decreases IT support and maintenance.
  • Configurable forms interface to multiple datasources; management and scientists get the dashboard view on all necessary data in their own preferred way.
  • Chemistry handling from several partners (Accelrys, CambridgeSoft, ChemAxon, Daylight, Symyx/MDL); maximizes existing infrastructure.
  • Single point entry into analytics from several partners (InforSense, SciTegic, Spotfire); optimizes the data mining workflow.

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