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  DeltaSoft is partnered with leaders in cheminformatics. Our ChemCart Products are fully integrated with best of breed client and server solutions.  In addition, our Consulting Services group can support the implementation of our partners’ products. spacer
  Accelrys Logo
Accelrys helps organizations improve efficiencies through enterprise application of Scientific Business Intelligence software that can integrate, mine, model, analyze, manage and report complex scientific data.

Deltasoft's ChemCart products integrate with Accelrys' Accord cheminformatics tools, as well as the CAP database for reagent inventory management.

  CambridgeSoft Logo CambridgeSoft is the leading supplier of Internet browser and webserver based life science desktop software, enterprise solutions, chemical databases and consulting services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

DeltaSoft's ChemCart products integrate with CambridgeSoft's Oracle chemistry cartridge and ChemDraw tool.
  CeuticalSoft Logo & Website Link CeuticalSoft is a Life Science IT company offering products, services and customized solutions for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies worldwide. We offer full lifecycle solutions that include application development and maintenance, application migration and integration, hosted solutions, managed quality assurance, back office project management and software product development.

DeltaSoft and CeuticalSoft have completed a comprehensive integration of ChemCart and AssayMaster.
  Chemaxon Logo & Website Link

ChemAxon is a leader in providing chemical software development platforms for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. By focusing upon active interaction with users and core portability, ChemAxon creates leading edge cross platform solutions to power modern cheminformatics and chemical communication.

DeltaSoft and ChemAxon are working together to provide JChem and Marvin integration within ChemCart.
  Daylignt Logo & Website Link Daylight provides enterprise-level cheminformatics software technologies to life science companies. Our superior chemistry, high performance, and open architecture have earned Daylight a reputation for delivering the state-of-the-art in chemical information processing since 1987.

DeltaSoft and Daylight have partnered to integrate ChemCart products with the Daylight Oracle chemistry cartridge.
  IBM Logo & Website Link

IBM Life Science Solutions provides the IT infrastructure that researchers in biotechnology, pharmaceutical research, genomics, proteomics, and healthcare need to turn data into scientific discovery and new treatments for disease.

DeltaSoft’s ChemCart is an out-of-the-box interface to IBM’s DB2. ChemCart can also integrate with IBM’s Websphere Information Integrator to collate non-heterogeneous datasources.
  Inforsense Logo & Website Link
InforSense is a leading supplier of advanced informatics infrastructure to drive effective information-based decision-making in the scientific and business domains. By providing scalable enterprise software solutions that enable individual analysts and researchers, scientific and business decision-makers, collaborative teams and organizations to exploit efficiently their ever-growing information resources, InforSense is helping to deliver measurable business value through timely and quality business decisions.

DeltaSoft ChemCart products can access InforSense analysis workflows or pass data to the KDE.
  Oracle Logo & Website Link Oracle Corporation is the world's largest enterprise software company. Oracle Database 10g is the first database designed for grid computing, the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage enterprise information. It cuts costs of management while providing the highest possible quality of service. Oracle Data Mining (ODM), an option to Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition, enables companies to extract information efficiently from the very largest databases and build integrated business intelligence applications. Data analysts can find patterns and insights hidden in their data. Application developers can quickly automate the extraction and distribution of new business intelligence - predictions, patterns and discoveries - throughout the organization.

DeltaSoft's ChemCart integrates with Oracle databases. Our Consulting Services can also provide support and maintenance for Oracle systems.
  Scitegic Logo & Website Link

SciTegic solutions are based around a powerful client-server platform that lets you construct workflows by graphically combining components for data retrieval, filtering, analysis, and reporting. Different client interfaces to the SciTegic platform enable you to work in the environment that best suits your needs.

Joint DeltaSoft/SciTegic customers have access to Pipeline Pilot tools from within the ChemCart interface.
  Spotfire Logo & Website Link TIBCO Spotfire interactive information visualization and analytic solutions give users a remarkable experience for quickly and easily querying data and reporting results for superior business intelligence. From portfolio management and customer retention programs to key processes such as CRM, marketing, research, bioinformatics, yield and asset management and design for manufacturing, enterprises around the world rely on Spotfire's business analytics software to improve operational performance.

DeltaSoft's ChemCart products are fully integrated with the Spotfire analysis tools.
  Symyx Technologies, Inc. Logo & Website Link Symyx, strengthened by 30 years of MDL experience providing gold-standard chemistry informatics, offers leading-edge software, modular workflows and research services that maximize R&D productivity.

DeltaSoft's ChemCart products are integrated with the Symyx suite of cheminformatics tools and the ACD reagent database for inventory management.
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