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chemcart eln

ChemCart ELN provides a secure environment for recording, storing, and sharing one of your most critical R&D assets:  corporate chemical knowledge.  Benefit from an electronic laboratory notebook in the following ways:

  • Effortless Access to Internal Synthesis Knowledge: Scientists can search across own or all
    notebooks from a single workstation.  No need to read and decipher hundreds (or thousands!)
    of paper notebooks.
  • Ensure Knowledgebase Standards: Customize notebook for group or department to capture necessary experimental details.
  • Flexible Reporting:  Access experimental data and format as desired for reports, presentations, publications, patents.
  • Secure Storage of Information:  Experimental data is backed-up and audited within a protected environment.
  • Streamline Workflows:  Integrate electronic lab notebook with Compound Registration and Reagent Inventory.  Use ELN as a ‘hub’ for scientific activities.

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ChemCart ELN Sample
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