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chemcart Bioassay

Register assays and centralize test results with ChemCart BioAssay. Make your corporate repository the definitive source of raw and reduced data, including HTS, primary, secondary, and DMPK screening results:

  • Off-the-Shelf: interface, data model, workflows provided; use with existing analysis and curve
    fitting tools.
  • Optional Configuration: implement custom data aggregation rules.
  • Standardization: use controlled vocabulary picklists to validate data entry and subsequent reporting.
  • Assay Protocol Registration and Versioning: track precise assay conditions in order to reproduce test conditions or aggregate & analyze results accordingly.
  • Bulk Registration Capabilities: upload Excel data from in-house testing, out-sourced screening programs, external collaborations.
  • Flexible Reporting: integration of test results with chemical structures, on-the-fly charting,
    documents, and images.

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ChemCart BioAssay Sample
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